Opening up your relationship 

You and your partner have decided to explore Polyamory. You have had many discussions around the subject and now feel that you are ready to navigate the waters of a polyamorous relationship.

Opening Up Your Relationship can lead to difficulties you never saw coming. When you open up your relationship, you begin to learn even more about yourself and about your partner.


This package is designed to help couples identify potential obstacles and learn how to navigate them as they transition into polyamory.


Many couples who open up their relationships for the first time don't have the support they need to do it successfully.


I can help provide you with the tools you will need to be a success story.

This six-session package is $600 and includes:

• One Joint 90-minute session

• Four individual 60-minute sessions

• One Joint 75-minute follow-up session


Before you decide to work with me, let's have a conversation.


This free, 30 minute conversation will allow us to get to know each other and will help me better understand what you are looking for.


Follow the "Let's Talk" button to schedule a FREE initial conversation with me.




*Extra sessions may be added as needed for an additional fee*.


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