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As Within Coaching is now offering Online Group Coaching Sessions for Traditional and Non-Traditional Relationships with Certified Relationship Coach Sarah Neal.


Society is overrun with people telling each other how to best fix their lives. They offer up seemingly simple strategies that “…if followed completely and correctly, your life will change for the better. You will be richer; More beautiful/popular; Your relationships will be perfect; Your life will be perfect.”


Those strategies may indeed work for a select few but they certainly don’t work for everyone. Part of the beauty of coaching lies in individualization. What works for some doesn’t work for all. Great coaches help you realize the strategies that work for YOU.


Group Coaching sessions are an inexpensive way to experience coaching and gather input and experiences from other participants. There is no pressure to verbally participate, the group coaching atmosphere allows you to write down questions for use as journal prompts and for later introspection and reflection.


Sarah has developed an accessible online group coaching program. Options were created to allow for single or multiple sessions.  You choose which sessions you want to attend and will only be accounted for those you decide to join.


These sessions are designed to guide the participants to figure out what works best for them and their relationships. Participants will leave each session with:

  • A new awareness of what may be causing challenges in their relationships (some may surprise you!)

  • A renewed sense of energy about tackling these relationship challenges

  • A next-step action plan for moving your relationship forward in relation to the topic discussed.


Spots are limited so sign up today!


Thursdays 8:30 – 9:30 PM EST on Zoom



4 Sessions/ $25 (Savings of $11)

8 Sessions/ $45 (Savings of $27)

12 Sessions/ $65 (Savings of $43)

Communication 101

August 9th

Communication is an essential part of any relationship. In this session we will explore the different ways communication can enhance or destroy our relationships. We will navigate through basic yet important communication skills that everyone should have in their toolbox. We will discover which ways we best communicate as individuals and how to improve our communication techniques.

expressing our needs and desires

August 16th

No matter how in-tune you and your partner may be with each other, neither of you are mind readers!  If we cannot express our needs and desires to our partners, we cannot truly expect them to be met. In this session we will dive into learning how to best communicate our needs and desires to our partners and how to allow space for our partners to communicate their needs and desires to us.

how do you give and receive love best?

August 23rd

Sometimes partners communicate love differently. When this happens, partners can often feel unloved or unappreciated. In this session we will uncover the ways in which we can express our love and appreciation for our partners as well as discover the ways we best receive messages of love. You may find that the way you express your love to your partner may not be the way your partner understands and vice versa. Here we will navigate through different expressions of love and start to gain an understanding on how to better connect with our partners.

Spicing things up

August 30th

Today’s societal pressures can wreak havoc on our schedules and love lives. Many times, we fall into a comfortable pattern or rut with our partners that may put our sex lives on the shelf or take all of the passion out. In this session we will go within ourselves to find out what makes us tick. We will explore different ideas to help put the passion back into our sex lives. Be prepared to step a little outside of your comfort zone during this session.

Monogamy vs. consensual non-monogamy

September 6th

More and more people are becoming intrigued by the idea of consensual non-monogamous relationships. But which is best? Is one better than the other? What may work best for YOU and your partner? Here we will attempt to find answers to these questions through an open, non-judgmental discussion so we can start to realize what feels authentic to us as individuals.

opening up your relationship

September 13th

So, you and your partner have decided to open your relationship up to consensual non-monogamy. In this session we will explore the different types of consensual non-monogamy and what might work best for you and your partner. We will also uncover potential challenges faced when opening up your relationship for the first time (you may find some you never knew would exist) and how to navigate through those challenges.

compersion and jealousy

September 20th

The definition of compersion is finding happiness in the happiness of others. The Polyamory Community defines it has being happy for your partners when they are happy. They say that it is the opposite of jealousy. Jealousy is a difficult emotion to tackle. In this session we will explore the root of our jealous behavior and how to handle jealous feelings in a productive manner. We will discuss how to navigate through the jealousy to reach a state of compersion. Sometimes, lack of compersion has nothing to do with jealousy so we will also uncover other potential challenges to compersion. You don’t have to be in a Polyamorous relationship for this session as monogamous relationships can also have difficulty with jealousy and compersion.

spirituality and relationships

September 27th

Our spirituality is our individual and personal connection with Divine and how we see Divinity. Without indoctrination or dogmatic ideas, we will dive into how our relationships can enhance or inhibit our spiritual growth and how our spiritual growth can enhance or inhibit our relationships. Take religion out of the picture for this session. Religion is an organization and spirituality is a connection. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual beliefs are, judgements will be left at the door. Prepare to go deep within your belief system to explore your personal spirituality and relationships.

coming out to friends and loved ones

October 4th

Whether coming out in terms of sexual and/or gender orientation; spirituality; politically; or as non-monogamous every situation is different for each person. In this group session we will explore the pros and cons of coming out whatever closets we find ourselves in as well as different approaches to exiting those closets. We will identify challenges we can face as we navigate through our closets. Some of us may find that remaining hidden is best for our situation. Some of us may find that we have more support than we realized. Whatever your situation, we will work to help you find the right answer for YOU.

conflict resolution

October 11th

No relationship is without conflict. Resolving an argument isn’t always just about saying “I’m sorry”. When we conflict with our partners, it is important to be able to communicate our side of the story as well as hold space for others to communicate their side. Sometimes concessions and reparations need to be made to move forward. If we work with our partners, our conflicts can not only help us better understand them, but also take our relationship to another level. In this session, we will discover strategies that work best for our individual personalities and our partners’ personalities that can help make our conflicts productive meeting grounds for our relationships.

supporting your partners without enabling or becoming co-dependent

October 18th

Most of us want to be supportive of our partners. Where is the line drawn between being supportive and being an enabler or co-dependent? How can we best show our support for our partners? What happens when our partners expect us to be supportive of things we don’t want to support? In this session we will explore all things support to help us find where our personal support boundaries are and what to do to keep them from being crossed.

keeping your individualization within your relationship

October 25th

It is easy to get absorbed into romantic relationships and lose our individuality. We become a hybrid version of ourselves and our partners. If a relationship ends, we feel lost because we cannot remember who we were before the relationship. We have forgotten the things we enjoyed doing in our own time. We have forgotten our passions and our spunk. Do we have to be around our partners ALL the time? Do we have to enjoy doing EVERYTHING our partners enjoy? Do they have to enjoy EVERYTHING we enjoy? How do we keep a part of ourselves for ourselves without hurting our partners’ feelings? These are all questions we will seek to answer for ourselves in this session. We will develop strategies to help us keep up a healthy sense of individualization while feeling very connected to our partners.


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