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Life Gets Messy.

Sometimes we need a little help getting through obstacles such as ...

Runes are an ancient Norse divinatory tool. Rune readings can help the querent discover answers they seek pertaining to love, relationships, work, spirituality, and taking risks.  

This Familly Coaching Package is designed to help families that have a transition of any kind that they are trying to work through

The more people involved in a relationship, the more difficult it can be to communicate our needs and desires to everyone

For those who are polyamorous and wish to commit to multiple partners, I am thrilled to officiate Commitment Ceremonies.

Relationships are as unique as the individuals who make them up.

This Personal Coaching Package is designed to help you navigate through whatever obstacle you may be currently facing.

Polycules come in all shapes and sizes. Relationships with just two people can be tricky enough to navigate, when we add more

As an ordained Priestess, I am able to officiate legal marriages. 

I custom tailor all of my wedding ceremonies

Opening Up your relationship for the first time can lead to difficulties you never saw


Family dynamics are as complex as they are beautiful. Families can be built from blood, marriage, friendships, and communities.

This Couples' Coaching Package is designed to help couples navigate through a place of conflict.

Handfastings are typically Pagan commitment ceremonies or weddings. 

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